Useful Windows Features

At the initialization of Microsoft Windows, it was not popular, as Apple’s Macintosh was. But, after a few years, Windows was a product with popularity more than MAC.
See complete history of Windows.
Today, Windows is used by nearly 90% users of PC, because of it’s useful Features. Some useful features of Windows for beginners are listed below:

Task Manager

In Windows, sometimes the computer stops to respond us. In such a case, some people switch it off. Here is a solution, don’t switch it Off. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys on keyboard together.

Note: Don’t press “+” key. Plus sign is to show that all these keys are being pressed toghether. Then, this windows will be opened.


Select Start Task ManagerNow task Manager will be opened as this.

images (1)

Now click on program that is not responding and click on End Task button.

Running Programs

In windows, at the bottom (down), there is a blue line on which all running programs are listed. We can now fastly switch between them by pressing Alt+ Tab keys.


In Windows 7 and futhur, you can do the same task more beautifully, by pressing Windows_logo + Tab. And stop pressing Tab key when your program is forward.


Note: Windows_logo is button on keyboard which has windows icon.


In windows 7 and further, Wigets of many types are supported. Such as Calender, Clock, CPU and RAM meter etc. These can be very owesome for desktop view. Right Click on desktop select Wigets.

images (7)

Now Double Click the wigets you want on you desktop.

images (6)

Note: Advace settings such as size, opacity etc are available, by moving mouse on that wiget.

Movie Maker

images (5)

This amazing feature is available in XP and further. Clean movies can be made by well organizing the images, animations & audios. You can search it on Start menu.

Snipping Tool

This brilliant built-in tool can be used to capture screenshots of your computer. The images are in good resolution and saved as PNG or JPG. But, this is in 7 and further versions. It is available in Start menu > accessories.

images (3)

Capture full screen or just opened program, or a part of screen, it depends upon you !

images (4)

These were some useful features of Windows various version may be new for traditional users, who listen songs, watch movies only. Please, Like page and subscribe, if you liked this post.


Author: Bit Coder

I am a Technology student. I Learn 'n' Teach IT(Information Technology). I know HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL, BASIC & a bit JS. Feel free to contact me :)

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