Keyboard & Shortcuts

The word “keyboard” is very common among us. It’s the board having keys on it. There a lot of types of keyboard used for Computers and Mobiles. The older keyboards looked like this one.


But, the latest one have a lot of feature, like wireless, transparent, bend-able, laser features.

QWERTY Keyboard


This keyboard is called QWERTY, because the first 6 buttons of the first line of this keyboard are Q W E R T and Y. This was oftenly used in computers before. But, now these are being used in most of the mobile phones. But, the difference is, computer keyboards have additional functioning F1 to F12, Ctrl, Alt etc keys which enhance thse usage of it. These keyboards have normally 101 to 104 keys. Let us discuss some of it’s keys and shortcuts.

Function F1 – F12

These are the function keys, means they are for some special function.


  1. Opens up Help menu in any program running.
  2. Opens up CMOS setup while system booting process.


  1. Used to rename any File or Folder.
  2. To open CMOS setup


  1. To open Find or Search menu in Windows, quickly.


  1. Alt+F4 closes the window currently opened in MS Windows.
  2. If all programs are closed, then used to Shutdown the computer.


  1. To Refresh any window opened in MS Windows.


  1. Top move the cursor to address bar in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  2. To reduce speaker volume in some laptops.


  1. Increases Speaker volume in some laptops.


  1. Used to enter the Windows startup menu.


  1. Reduces laptop screen brightness on some laptops.


  1. In Windows, it activates, the menu bar of opened application.
  2. Shift+F10 is used for Right Clicking.
  3. Increases Laptop screen brightness on some laptops.
  4. To enter CMOS setup in some computers.


  1. Used to enter or exit Full Screen mode in most web browsers.

F12 – F24

These keys were used in past and don’t have any common use now a days.


Basic shortcut keys

Alt+Tab    –    To switch between opened aplications.

Ctrl+a    –    To select all (Files, Folders, Text or anything).

Ctrl+b    –    To make text bold in any text editor.

Ctrl+c    –    To copy File(s), Folder(s) or Text.

Ctrl+f    –    To Find any File, Folder to Text in Windows or Web Browser.

Ctrl+i    –    To make text Italic n any text editor.

Ctrl+o    –    To open File in any application.

Ctrl+p    –    To print any Document or image in any text editor.

Ctrl+u    –    To make any text underlined in any text editor.

Ctrl+w    –    To close currently opened tab in any web browser.

Ctrl+x    –    To cut any File(s), Folder(s) or Text

Ctrl+y    –    To redo the undone task.

Ctrl+z    –    To undo any task.

Ctrl+Esc    –    Opens up Start menu.

Ctrl+Alt+F4    –    Opens up Task Manager.

Alt+F4    –    Closes the currently opened application.


Author: Bit Coder

I am a Technology student. I Learn 'n' Teach IT(Information Technology). I know HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL, BASIC & a bit JS. Feel free to contact me :)

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