Hi. I’m Bit Coder, a student of Technology. I Love to Learn ‘n’ Teach knowledge of Science. Purely, I’m a Security Pentester.

Computer Hardware:

Since my childhood, I was interested in Computer’s Hardware. It’s because, it’s very accessible feild of Computer. One can easily open the casing and analyze the whole inside a computer. I loved working with screw-drivers šŸ˜€

Computer Software:

Computer Software, is a complex and logic-based feild of computer. I was able to write Batch and BASIC programs at age of 15. But, I could not design them well.

Web Development:

My first code was an HTML5 “Hellow World” ! I first started coding web pages by learning to code atĀ w3schools. My first IDE was Notepad. Later, I switched to Notepad++ which I’m using currently. I always, found Web Development very interesting. I can ONLY code in following languages:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS
  • PHP5
  • MySQLi


Networking is a very interestingĀ branch of Computer. We can see digital networks near us everywhere. Mobile Networks, TV cable, Internet – are common examples of networks. I can ONLY understand following networks:

  • LAN
  • Wi-Fi (WLAN)
  • Bluetooth


Hacking is very very interestingĀ topic of common people. In India/Pakistan, people understand hacking asĀ Facebook Hacking. Actually, Hacking is not only FB hacking, it is of many types. You can read my post on Hacking types for more info. I first hacked my Friend’s Facebook account and then my cousin’s PC. I read many e-Books on Hacking.


Facebook:Ā saad.akhtar.3517

Gmail: saad.akhtar.2000@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +923321712300