Keyboard & Shortcuts

The word “keyboard” is very common among us. It’s the board having keys on it. There a lot of types of keyboard used for Computers and Mobiles. The older keyboards looked like this one. Continue reading “Keyboard & Shortcuts”


The concept behind Division & Multiplication

The Mathematics is a very ancient branch of knowledge. Maths. is called as Mother of Sciences. Now a days,  we use division and multiplication in our daily mathematical problems frequently. However, we don’t know the concept behind the Division & Multiplication.

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Useful Windows Features

At the initialization of Microsoft Windows, it was not popular, as Apple’s Macintosh was. But, after a few years, Windows was a product with popularity more than MAC.
See complete history of Windows.
Today, Windows is used by nearly 90% users of PC, because of it’s useful Features. Some useful features of Windows for beginners are listed below: Continue reading “Useful Windows Features”